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Soul Path Progression with Margaret Harrington

 Emotional Release/Cord Cutting * King Solomon 22 Strand DNA Activation * 11th Codon Life Purpose Reading * Seichim & Sekhem Training *

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About Margaret

Margaret lives in the UK now but grew up in Ireland, a beautiful country to connect to the natural way of life.  The elemental energies, the sacred sites and the land itself have been her greatest teachers. It is by listening to ones’ own inner voice and following the Way of the Heart that helps us grow and discover who we truly are.


Margaret began her training with Holistic Massage followed by years of study in various mystery schools, Reiki and Sekhem lineages (Japanese and Egyptian modalities of Energy Therapy). 

She is also very connected to working with different aspects of nature including the Crystal and Angelic Kingdom.


Margaret has been on a spiritual quest all of her life and travelled many paths seeking understating to questions such as: why are we here; where did we come from; what is the purpose of life?  This has nurtured a deep passion within to assist and support others where possible that their journey of awakening be as uplifting and fulfilling as possible.

All of Margaret's sessions are supported by a vibrational healing remedy/essences which have been created from natures pure elements and are able to attune to our bodies promoting balance and restoring harmony to all levels of our being thus ensuring that we receive the utmost support though our individual healing journey.

Emotional Karmic Release Cord Cutting

Eliminates Negative Emotional Energy Drain


Releases us from our past so that we can willingly embrace our future and live our lives as intended * Clears deep seated trauma/issues from our cellular memory

Inspires and empowers us to take control of our life​ * Unblocks negative energy hooks from others​ * Helps recovery from relationship turmoil

Assists us in coping with addiction/loss/grief  * Increases our sense of who we truly are

Investment £40

22 Strand King Solomon DNA Activation


Your DNA contains the master plan for who you are, your life purpose and your divine potential. Holding the encoded information relative to both your physical and spiritual lineage it is unique and very personal. This encoded information determines your physical form, hereditary maladies, behavioural patterns, spiritual gifts and much more.

The original divine blueprint for humans consists of 24 strands of DNA (12 physical and 12 spiritual).

Most people only use 7 - 17% of their brain capacity leaving 83 - 93% untapped potential which is where higher brain functions such as creativity, genius, artistic, spiritual and scientific abilities come from.

This is well documented among the traditions of the East however not all information has been permitted into the general consciousness of the people of the western world.

Activation of the 22 strands of DNA is offered from the spiritual realms to humanity.

Handed down in a direct lineage from King Solomon for over 3000 years, this method is powerful, direct and effective because it works with the natural flow of energy and light in the human body. In this activation, the 12 receptor sites of the DNA are accessed through the etheric spine and illuminated with light.  This activates 22 of the 24 key strands.

Some benefits include:-

Holding more light in the body * Assists in bringing forth innate talents and abilities * Strengthens the connection to your higher self

Brings more energy, clarity & focus to your life * Strengthens your immune system * Maximises self-confidence and reduces stress

Reduces unconscious patterns stored within us * Awakens more areas within the brain

Clears individual and family karmic/genetic patterns and negative traits for 5-7 generations

This is an empowerment process that assists you on your own healing journey, it is unique to each person and no two people will experience it in the same way. 

The process allows for clearing of genetic patterning which also benefits yours ancestors/descendants seven generations both into the past and future facilitating an ancestral clearing process.


Investment £150

11th Codon – Life Purpose Reading

Discover how you existed before you came to Earth, you will be amazed!  This is a reading directly from your blueprint, your DNA, it brings information straight from Spirit/Source

via your highest self to you now.


Discover your true spiritual lineage and reconnect directly with your core guides * Learn how your soul is uniquely gifted and open to your specific individual traits

Find out what soul contracts you have * Understand the impact on your ancestral/parental DNA on your life


This life purpose reading is only to be done after receiving the Solomon Core Crystal Healing to have maximum effect and bring in the most relevant and timely information for you.


Investment £40

Seichim & Sekhem Training 

Info coming soon!

Having worked extensively with Margaret over the last few years, I can wholeheartedly attest to her vast, immense knowledge and innate ability to bring through sacred wisdom. 

When in session with her, you know that you are in the presence of someone who is truly in tune not only with their most powerful, authentic self but with the Universe itself...Epic!

- Marie 


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