The different ways to experience the Restorative Power of Reflexology

Treatments are available in Crediton

& Halo Hair & Beauty Exeter!


A full consultation will be taken before treatment, this allows me to build up a health and wellness picture and determine our treatment plan going forward.   

This is also a great opportunity to discuss any expectations you may have regarding your treatment.  All sessions are worked intuitively and in the moment!

Please make me aware before making a booking if you have any ongoing health concerns that may contra-indicate or restrict treatment.

Using either gentle/firm pressure depending on your preference, I will stimulate specific pressure points on the feet that

correspond to different areas of the body using a variety of techniques such as Precision and Advanced Precision Reflexology.

Reflexology is a highly effective treatment that will assist in reducing pain and inflammation throughout the body thus encouraging a sense of calm and a deeply relaxed state. 

Reflexology effects the nerve pathways and encourages the release of toxins, removes congestion, releases stagnant energy and

balances all body systems, afterwards Clients may achieve a sense of clarity, relaxation, wholeness, wellness and vitality. 

Reflexology is suitable for all ages and it is a holistic, complementary therapy that works extremely well alongside orthodox medicine ranging from acute illness to chronic conditions and even for those receiving palliative care.  

The effectiveness of a treatment works on an individual basis and results will vary from client to client as everyone responds differently. 

After a series of treatments, you will likely experience an improvement to your overall well-being although all clients report feeling calmer after just one Reflexology session.


The aim of a Reflexology treatment is to focus on the root cause of a problem by clearing internal blockages and any resulting congestion which will encourage toxins to be released.  The number of treatments recommended depends entirely on you as an individual and your specific needs although where possible, it is advisable to have regular weekly treatments until the body begins to come back into balance and then moving to fortnightly, monthly or bi-monthly thereafter.

45 Mins £30

60 Mins £35

Precision & Advanced Precision Reflexology

Precision Reflexology is a deeply relaxing and extremely subtle yet powerful combination of Reflex linking, Reflexology techniques and foot massage.  This treatment works by linking organ and gland reflex points to establish and balance/restore energetic flow within the body.  

45 Mins £30

60 Mins £35

Advanced Precision Reflexology

APR has similarities to Precision but with the advanced techniques I will be working specific links relating to the Chakra System.  These links resonate to the Organs and Glands of the body thus making this a truly holistic and non-invasive way of working on a deeply energetic yet subtle way.

60 Mins £35

Intuitive Rebalance 

Incorporating  series of techniques to bring about a positive body rebalance using Reflexology techniques, Essential Oils, Crystals, Sound Frequencies and Reiki Healing that best serve to return the physical, emotion and subtle bodies back into balance.  The use of Oracle Cards are also used to help bring your session into clearer focus.

60 Mins £40

Hot Stone Reflexology

Take your Reflexology session to the next level of ultimate relaxation and incorporate Hot & Cold Stone Therapy.  This fabulously indulgent and luxurious treatment includes a lower leg and foot massage using my homemade Massage Wax/Balm

60 Mins £40

90 Mins £55

Moxibustion for Reflexology

Moxibustion is a traditional Chinese method of healing using a dried herb called Mugwort as a way of introducing 'new' energy into the body. 

Reflexology can move and shift stuck and stagnant energy but Moxa is said to add extra energy into the body system.

Clients receiving Moxibustion within a Reflexology treatment report feeling a sensation of warmth within the body that quickly radiates along the neural pathways indicating the arrival of Qi.

This treatment can be beneficial for any Chronic pain, lack of energy, Arthritis, Menopause, digestive issues such as IBS, and as a tool to support Breech Babies.

60 Mins £35

Sacred Soul Healing 

Sacred Soul Healing brings through the Pure, Divine Healing Energy of Christ Consciousness direct from the Higher Realms.  In this session which will include a spoken channeling, I call upon the energy and presence of Ascended Masters' Jeshua Ben Joseph, Mary Magdalene and the cleansing flames of the Sacred Fire known as the Violet Flame.  Other Masters or Archangels may also step forward to assist in helping you to work through any blocks or barriers that may be stopping you from living your best, empowered  life. 

The use of a carefully selected trio of Essential Oils and Herbs and Sacred Symbols are used to then smudge and cleanse the feet to complete and seal in the Healing.

This treatment is intuitive and worked 'in the moment', therefore it constantly evolves and is tailored specifically to your needs. 

30 Mins £20

45 Mins £35

60 Mins £40

Access Consciousness 

Imagine if someone could press a button and mute that voice in your head that tells you that you’re not good enough or that you can’t accomplish what you dream about?

Any limitations that you create in your life are connected to your thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions, and beliefs about it.

 The Bars® are 32 unique points on the head that correlate to different areas and aspects of life. During an Access Bars session, as a practitioner I will gently touch these points to release the electromagnetic charge of all thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions, and beliefs that may have limited you in the concerned life areas.

60 Mins £35


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